Native Lawn Care uses a select blend of fertilizer to ensure quality results for your lawn, trees, and shrubs.

Weed Control

Eliminate unsightly weeds in your lawn to ensure the health of your turf and increase the value of your investment.

Grub Control

Native Lawn Care includes preventative grub control in our premium service program. In Central Texas June bugs emerge and lay eggs which form in to white grubs that can cause significant damage to a lawn in a short period. Our preventative approach will ensure the resistance to this potential grub damage.

Lawn Disease Control

Lawn diseases such as brown patch begin as small dead circles around the lawn that can quickly spread and kill large areas. Upon every visit Native Lawn Care will inspect for any potential diseases and make recommendations.

Surface Insect Control

Protect your lawn, trees, and shrubs from damaging insects that feed on the surface of your plants.

Mechanical Core Aeration

Core Aerations reduces your lawn’s thatch layer to promote good root health, by allowing water, air and nutrients to reach the areas that need it and help your lawn breath better, ultimately ensuring greater health and disease/pest resistance.

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